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Voice Therapy: The Phoniatrician´s Approach

  • 3rd EAP Course in Preparation for the European Board Exam for Phoniatrics
  • Voice Therapy: The Phoniatrician´s Approach
  • 13. June 2016
  • Surgical Hospital, Kasarmikatu 11-13, Helsinki


08.00-08.20 Opening Remarks (Tadeus Nawka)
08.20-09.00 The Multidimensional Approach to Human Voice: Phoniatrics and Voice Therapy (Mieke Moerman)
09.00- 10.30 Philosophy and Possible Physiological Mechanisms of Voice Therapy (Reinaldo Yazaki, Ilter Denizoglu)
11.00-12.30 Methodology of Voice Therapy (Ekaterina Osipenko, Ilter Denizoglu)
13.30-15.00 Voice therapy techniques (Bozena Wiskirska-Woznica, Ilter Denizoglu)
15.00-16.00 Patient sampLes, discussion, and comments
(Tadeus Nawka, Haldun Oguz, Bozena Woznica, Ekaterina Osipenko, Mieke Moerman, Ilter Denizoglu)


Part 1 [1.221 KB]

Part 2 [815 KB]

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