Accreditation of e-learning materials

New criteria for the accreditation of e-learning materials by the EACCME

The UEMS has amended its criteria for the accreditation of e-learning and, as of 1st June 2011, document UEMS 2008/20 no longer will apply as it will be superseded by document UEMS 2011/20. Important changes have been made to the criteria for the accreditation of e-learning:

  • The amendment procedure has been enshrined. At the recommendation of the reviewers, the applicant is allowed one opportunity to amend the material submitted in order to bring this into full compliance with the accreditation criteria.
  • The requirement for the provider to obtain an independent assessment of the material, prior to application to the EACCME, has been removed.
  • The UEMS-EACCME has expanded the range of technologies that will be considered within the scope of the e-learning accreditation process.
  • Greater detail has been provided regarding the interactive requirement and the self-assessment component required for accreditation.
  • Clarity regarding the number of ECMECs allocated for the duration of e-learning of the material.
  • The fee structure has been revised, taking into account the actual cost to the UEMS of providing this accreditation role and the removal of the requirement of a prior independent assessment.

The above list does not cover all changes that have been made to this document and providers are strongly encouraged to read this new accreditation document in detail.
Please note the "go live" date for the new criteria will be 1st June 2011.

The new accreditation document and application form are attached:

UEMS 2011 (pdf) [439 KB]
Elearning application form (doc) [91 KB]

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