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Future goals

In respect of the diverging specialty distribution of phoniatrics ranging from several hundred specialists in one country to none in the other visiting and exchange programs shall be developed in the next years based on harmonised criteria of the organisational structure, equipment and staff competence of phoniatric training centers.

To seed the phoniatric gene into young medical students, in future, additional support should be given to those colleagues that participate in the students’ education at medical schools and universities.

For the professionals in and after training, following the EBE-ORL of the otorhinolaryngologists, a European Phoniatric Board Exam and Certification will be a futural goal.

All European and extra-European national phoniatric societies and organisations can become regular EAP members provided they recognise the definition of phoniatrics in the UEP by-laws. Decisions of EAP must be in accordance with the charters of UEMS.

The academy gives a discount of the participation fees for UEP members in the academy’s activities and gives them a preferential consideration when the participants number is restricted. It also gives them a preferential access to further academy services.

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